Power Systems

Power Systems

FG Wilson


FG Wilson has recently launched the next generation of diesel powered rental generator sets. Introducing the new Professional Rental Operator (PRO) range complementing the current XD range whilst increasing the rental offering up to 500 kVA. Designed to run across a variety of applications including construction, events, industrial, oil and gas and utilities, the new range boasts a variety of features, guaranteed to ensure quality and power you can depend upon.

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For more than 85 years Caterpillar has been providing power to customers like you around the world. From North America to China, Europe to India, in remote regions and extreme climates, Caterpillar is meeting the most critical needs and matching the most stringent standards. We’re powering the industries that drive economy: agriculture, forestry, mining, drilling, construction, production, well servicing, gas compression and power production. We’re moving the vessels, yachts and ships that voyage to the farthest coasts. And we’re powering the data centers businesses count on and hospitals and communities rely on. From 5 to 16,000 kW Cat® Power Systems are equipped to do more than just power today; they’re built to power tomorrow.

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Perkins manufacturer and supply three types of products: industrial, electric power generation, and Marine Power Systems.

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